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Perc 6i Raid 5 setup problems


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Perc 6i Raid 5 setup problems

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I suspect this is our problem in that it is something we have failed to do or misunderstood....

Setting up initial RAID Config . . .

System T410

Raid Card Perc6i

Hard Drives: (6 total)

2x 500gb

4 x 1.5 tb

Plan was to configure Disk Group 0/VD0 as RAID 1 -  500gb. Disk Group1/VD1 - RAID 5 - 4.5tb.

This is clean machine / clean drives.

Using RAID BIOS Config utility.

No problem creating RAID 1. However when attempting to create the Raid 5 in second Disk group, the process goes well with initialization showing complete but shortly there after start getting changes in individual drive states. Anything from Online to Ready to Foreign. Go back in and reset the drives in BIOS. Try the same thing and basically same drives change state.

I guess one thought is whether there is a limit to the VD size? Other than that not sure what we are doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated.












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  • No, the PERC does not have any such limit.  Sounds to me like you may have a loose cable.  It may be a faulty cable or backplane - or even controller - as well.  Try reseating the cables.  Otherwise, you might try configuring two drives at a time to see if you can isolate a pattern.

  • Thanks, I'll recheck card and cables. And try a few drives at a time if that doesn't work. I don't really like the Data Cable harness from the Perc 6i. It is straight through as opposed to right angle connector at the drive end. When you close the T410 case I worry that the cables may unseat. Had a hard enough time finding these straight through harnesses not sure I can find right angle one's unless I simply add a short right angle to straight through patch cable....

    Will post results here.. Appreciate your taking the time to respond.