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Windows 2008 R2 driver for PERC 5i


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Windows 2008 R2 driver for PERC 5i

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Im re-installing Windows Server 2008 R2 on our PowerEdge 2900 and during the initial point of the Windows install its prompting for a driver. Im assuming it wants the RAID controller driver which is a PERC 5 integrated.

Ive entered the service tag of my server but when I choose Win 2008 R2, there are no driver download options for RAID controller.

Any suggestions as to where I can get these?


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  • Is it prompting for the CD/DVD/storage driver?  If so, this usually signals a bad 2008 DVD - try downloading another copy of the ISO or reburning the DVD at the slowest possible speed.

    Or is it telling you it can't find any hard drives to install to?  As the PERC driver should be native to 2008 R2, the only thing you should need to do for the disks to be seen for installation is to CONFIGURE the RAID first.  Boot to the CTRL-R utility for the PERC 5/i controller, highlight the controller, hit F2, select your RAID level, select the disks, check the Advanced box, then the Initialize box, then accept.  After about 5 minutes, then boot to the Windows DVD.

  • Figured out the issue. User error.. I was actually using a portable drive as my installation media that was plugged in via eSata. I needed the drivers to the eSata controller to continue the install.

    Thanks for the quick reply.