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Dell 2450

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I am new in using Dell 2450 and servers.

I would like to seek assistance in activating my 2450 and use Ubuntu.

Appreciate if someone could share the hows and whats to install the Ubuntu to my Dell 2450.


Many thanks,

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  • There was a PowerEdge 2450 and a Dimension 2450 in Dell's past (and possibly other systems with the 2450 designation).

    Which system do you exactly have?

    What do you mean by "activating my 2450"?

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  • Hi,


    Thanks for your reply.

    My system is PowerEdge 2450.

    I bought it second hand and I am new to this one.

    I would like to install Ubuntu, but I am having hardtime.

    I am not sure if I am on the right track.

    Appreciate if you could provide a guide/ assistance.

  • First, you will need to configure the RAID.  Go to CTRL-A for the PERC and Create a new container.  Once that is done, then you can install Ubuntu.  From a quick Google search, you may have some issues with installing it.  I can't speak for everyone here - I'm sure there are some Linux gurus here, but you can also probably get some help on the Ubuntu forums, as some have posted with a PE2450.

  • Hi,


    I tried to config it as RAID.

    SCSI#0 - Raid 0

    SCSI#1 to 3 - RAID 5

    Now I am getting : "Fatal error: Controller kernel self test failed".

    I am now using SCSI for all the 4 drives.

    Can I install the OS-Ubuntu with SCSI coz, everytime I select the "Install" option on Ubuntu, it just load it to memory and then ask me for log-in, which I don't have

    coz I have not created 1 yet.


    Appreciate your reply.



  • Hi, what I mean by "activating my 2450" is installing appropriate OS like Ubuntu.

    I like to install Ubuntu on the 2450.

    Appreciate your tips.