Installing 4 SATA hard Drives in a Poweredge SC440 Running Win 2003 Sever


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Installing 4 SATA hard Drives in a Poweredge SC440 Running Win 2003 Sever

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Does anyone know how to configure the DELL Poweredge SC440 server to work with 4 SATA hard drives, either using the 4 internal SATA connectors on the motherboard or by using a PCI express controller card, or by a combination of both methods?



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  • I have an sc440 with 4 drives fitted. I used the floppy bay and the empty optical drive bays with a converter for the extra drives. The are spare mounting studs behind the front bezel. I have 2 of the drives on a sil 3132 pci-e card and the other 2 onboard. It runs home server perfectly.

  • Hi,

    Thanks a lot for the suggestion, I bought a Vantec 4+1 SATA2/PATA PCI Express Raid card, and now I can see all 4 SATA drives. Two are connected to the SATA controller on the motherboard, and two are connected to the Vantec 4+1 SATA2/PATA PCI Express Raid card.  It's amazing how Dell manuals and their server tech support insist SC440 can only use 2 hard Drives.

    The next question i have is on memory.  I want to install 8GB ECC DDR2 Dimms in the SC440. I have some some blogs saying it works even though the SCC manual says 4GB is max.  Since SC440 is a 32bit system, will it be able to use all the 8GB?  I'm running WIN Server 2003 R2 

  • What applications will you be running? A 32-bit version of Windows server can use more than 4GB with the help of PAE, but the application in question has to have been written to support PAE memory. This means pretty much server type applications like Exchange, SQL, etc.

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