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Unable to add 2nd VD with PERC 5i


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Unable to add 2nd VD with PERC 5i

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I seem to only be able to add 1 VD with the aforementioned card. After the first VD is created, the available space is shown correctly, but I have no way to access it. The only options I have are to initialize or delete the single VD I was able to create. Is that all I can o with this card/BIOS?


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  • The PERC can definitely create multiple virtual disks, so some more information wouldn't hurt.


    - server model?

    - how many and what size drives?

    - what raid setup are you trying to create?


    Note: you can't boot to a 2TB+ virtual disk (any computer using a BIOS has this limit).

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  • It is a PowerEdge 2900 with 8 X 750GB SATA HDD's. I want to create a 20GB VD for the OS (RHEL 4.5), and the balance as one big ol' drive, all RAID 0. And the bios limit is why I want to create the smaller VD. Just can't seem to figure out how. :(