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SCSI sense data Sense key: 5 Sense code: 24 Sense qualifier: 0


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SCSI sense data Sense key: 5 Sense code: 24 Sense qualifier: 0

  • I am getting the above error after replacing all my 2950's drives with the below. Does anyone know why? Would it be a case of recreating the RAID array across these disks?


    P/N: CA06778-B400
    S/N: BJ00P8300HRC
    F/W: 0103
    REV: A0




  • Sense key 5 is "illegal request". ASC/ASCQ of 24/0, assuming that is in hexadecimal, is "invalid field in CDB". (If it's in decimal, that would be "recovered data with ECC applied", which is nonsensical, so I reckon is it in hex). The usual reason for that error is when a drive is sent a command it understands but with invalid data.


    You may be able to sort out one or more virtual disks via the Ctrl+R BIOS; it could be that the controller has got confused about the drives you have connected and/or it's trying to access the virtual disks on the drives you've removed.


    If things still don't work, upgrade the RAID controller firmware to the latest version available, and try again.


    If things still don't work, it could be that these drives have a compatibility issue with the LSI chipset RAID controller in your 2950. My 2950 III has 300GB 15krpm SAS drives from the factory - they're Seagate Cheetah 15K.5 300GB SAS drives, ST3300655SS.

  • Hi,


    I've tried all that is listed above but it is still throwing up the error. Due to some unforeseen circumstances we are going to have to keep the drives so i wonder if there is a way to turn off that particular error message?


    If someone could explain how to do that i would be very appreciative.


    thanks again

  • I'm unclear - is this error preventing you from using the new disks or not?



    If the RAID controller is working, then write this off as noise.


    If this error appears and you are unable to use these disks, you're stuck. This is a fatal error - the controller has asked the disk to do something and the disk has said "illegal command". If the command was something the RAID controller needed to do and it didn't work, you can't use these disks on the RAID controller.

  • The 2950 can have a PERC 6 or a PERC 5; a PERC 6 is likely if the server is a 2950 III. New PERC 6 firmware has been issued today, which is actually a critical update.


    If your server has a PERC 6, does the new firmware help with this problem?

  • I have seen this error come up when you have some applications that try to talk to the LUNs configured and try to send them some commands that the controller does not (have to) support. Check your logs to see if you can make out what the command is, before you write it off. You will find this in the Openmanage ServerAdmin logs

  • Sorry to dig up this post...

    Did you ever find a solution to this mess?

    I'm experiencing the same warning messages although my grumbles are a little more severe as if I start a large copy to my RAID 5 virtual disk then the server will reboot spontaneously...

  • If the drives are firmware 0103 and are not from Dell they are not supported. Dell "tweaks" the firmware to match their management/enclosure. Dell will be happy to examine the log file and let you know what the issue is for sure....

  • I would recommend updating the HDD FW to the latest revision.  From the information that you provided these aren't drives that are supported by Dell (at least, not that firmware revision) - also, if you're able to pull and post as an attachment a snippet from the PERC controller logs through OMSS that shows the errors, that would be helpful in nailing down the issue.  What is the frequency of the messages?

  • Did you have any success with this?

    I am having the same issue with some seagate 1TB SAS drives. These are retail, non dell drives. Dell has Firmware for these drives but I cannot apply it to it. Any suggestions on how i can get this firmware onto the drives?

  • The firmware package checks the existing firmware package to see if it is compatible with the upgrade.  If not, then it will not run.  You might be able to "force" flash the drive firmware, but I don't know that I'd risk ruining the drives, should things go badly.

  • Thanks for the quick response. I am totally prepared to destroy at least one of these disks to resolve.

    Any idea how I can force the firmware flash? thanks



  • Hi, did you ever reslove this issue? I am having the same problem.