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Dell / Seagate ST3300555SS OEM SAS Drive - 15K RPM?


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Dell / Seagate ST3300555SS OEM SAS Drive - 15K RPM?

  • Hello, I'd like to know if this drive is 15K RPM or 10K RPM.

    Here is some information, please help me confirm this:

    300GB 3.5" SAS Hard Drive
    Seagate Part # 9DJ066-050
    Dell Part # JW552

    Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)
    Capacity: 300GB
    Performance: 10K
    RPM: 15K

    Thanks for your time,  I look forward to your reply.
  • A chat with Seagate was not able to confirm this, because it was noted that since this is an OEM drive through DELL, they could've changed the firmware to perform however it's supposed to / intended to perform.

    What's interesting is that its number is almost identical with the: ST3300655SS Drive. I wonder if these drives have any relation as far as specifications.

  • I don't think I've seen Dell ever change drive firmware with proprietary firmware (the firmwares they have for drives usually have readme's that look like they come straight from the drive vendor). So whatever the Seagate site says the specs are, that should be what you have.

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  • So here's the thing, ST3300555SS, is not on the Seagate site. The Seagate Customer Support was not able to help me with this drive strictly because its a DELL OEM, and I can't seem to find Dell's specs on this specific drive as well.
  • This is a bit of an odd one. The only reference I could find of the drive on Dell's site is the firmware update for it:

    Other than that, there is no manual or anything that I can find. That page does list the drive as a 10K drive, so you would assume that's what it is I guess.

  • 10k...


  • Agreed, 10K, you'd think there would be some other documentation outside of or a firmware download though. C'est la vie.
  • Hmm...I guess I could return it and get my $200 back. I found a similar picture of the drive doing a search, and this is what the sticker reads (other than serial is different)
  • if this is still an issue for anyone, please see:

    Seagate says it's 15K. I am looking at the same situation today because I am replacing a failed drive and Dell just shipped this.

  • Notice the last line? RPM: 15K = 15K RPM