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Windows XP Driver for Perc 4/SC Raid Adapter


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Windows XP Driver for Perc 4/SC Raid Adapter

  • I recently changed my Dell PowerEdge 1600sc operating system from Windows Server 2003 to XP.  I have found and installed all of the drivers for all the components in the system except for the Perc 4/sc raid controller and the system is working fine (even the scsi hard drives).  When I look on "device manager" I find an exclaimation point on the raid controller only.  When I check the status of "problem devices" on systems information it says the "raid controller is not configured properly".  Does this mean that I don't have the proper driver installed and if not what does it mean?  Does anyone know where I can find an XP driver for this device, or does anyone have any other suggestions for solving the problem?  Thanks.
  • There is none, you may want to try WIn2k3 or Windows 2000 drivers.
  • THanks Rob!
  • dtam,


    There is a way to use the LSI MegaRAID 320-1 drivers with the perc4/sc. It requires modifying the LSI oemsetup.inf file to reflect the DELL PERC card. Drop me a line at bcotter at uky dot edu and I'll send you the files.



  • Here is the solution what I did.. I have dell poweredge 800 and perc 4/sc scsi-adapter. DonĀ“t do this, if you are not sure what you are doing, this can go terrible wrong and then your scsi-adapter is dead.
    1. Go to lsi web page
    2. Get firmware LSI_FW_1L47
    3. Get Windows XP driver too
    4. Flash it
    5. Start installing windows xp and hit f6 to install extrenal scsi driver
    6. Insert a disk when installation asks it and choose Megaraid scsi 320-1
    7. When it asks, just skip it. Its only a signature file, which is not included with this version.
    8. Installation is asking that are you proofing this driven because there is no signature, click yes.
    9. Enjoy your Windows XP

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