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adding SCSI drives to 2850


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adding SCSI drives to 2850

  • I have a 2850 with the 2 channel LSI SCSI card. When I add any device to HBA 0 on ths machine I get BSOD with the "IRQ NOT LESS OR EQUAL" message. I have tried, a hard drive, a SDLT and an UTRIUM. All devices do this The same devices work fine on other systems.
    I have a big external array on HBA 1 with out a problem
    Any ideas? 
  • Well, HBA 0 is a different controller, that you have not loaded the driver for... HBA 1 has two SCSI channels. BTW please avoid placing TBUs on RAID controllers, get a SCSI controller for them.

    warwizard DCSP

  • Thanks for your input. For clarification purposes:

    HBA 0 and HBA 1 are not channels off the PERC, but from a factory add on LSI dual channel card.

    I still not have a solution for this despite numerous exchanges with Dell.

    I did reload the driver for this card as was suggested by Dell today. This did not help.



  • Do you have a different system to try this controller in to see if it's defective?

    Has dell had you inspect your cabling for nicks, cuts or bent pins?

       Sorry about the confusion about the terminology. When I was dealing with SAN Host Bus Adaptors (HBA's) for a fully redundant path to the storage, there would be two fibre channel controllers installed, called HBA 0, and HBA 1. In the tech support terminology we call your configuration channel 0 and channel 1 on a HBA, which if it is the second HBA in the system, itself would be called HBA 1,or more commonly: controller 1.

      The BSOD you are referring to is most commonly caused by driver problems, and usually tells you the location of the problem. Get the full text of the BSOD error message and see what if anything M/S has to say, and post it here.

       I'll be taking the weekend and labor day off, though I might answer a few posts in between games of Rome total war. With a moniker like warwizard, you know I'd have to be a wargamer...

    Good luck,


  • THanks for the update.

    I am going to try a 2940 next.

    I am using known good cables.

    Dell has my dumps and is analyzing thiem.

    Since I can come up in Safe Mode you are right that this most likely a driver issue. BSOD blames MRAID35xx.sys.


    I am running a pistol tournament this weeked so will not  be making a carrer of this.

    I'll update Tuesday or so.


  • MRAID35xx.sys is the driver for one of the PERC RAID controllers...

    good luck on the shooting competetion

  • Warwizard,

    I have suggested this to Dell and am still waiting for them to read the tea leaves from the core dump I submitted.

    Thanks for the support. I did not shoot Monday, I was the match director. I'll shoot in my league tonight.

    10's & X's