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Win2000 on PERC2 4 channel


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Win2000 on PERC2 4 channel

  • Anybody know where to get drivers for Win2000 for the PERC2 4 channel?
  • I also need information regarding upgrade of a 4 channel Adaptec perc driver for W2K. Where can the firmware upgrade be found? What are the steps involved in performing the upgrade?
  • I've been going around in circles with Dell on this issue for over a month. Now I'm told that drivers will not be available until April, but there is a beta driver available. How you get that is beyond me! I'm working with Microsoft and Dell representatives on this issue and so far, NOTHING has come through. If anyone has any other info, please let me know.
  • Anyone know these...

    What type of RAM I can use on a Dell Adaptec AAC-364/PERC2 ? Is there a list of compatable RAM anywhere ?

    Where I can get the drivers from it and the managment software to run it on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
  • Hi,

    This is a list of the Dell supported ram for the Perc 2/qc:


    This is a list of the latest firmware and drivers for the Perc 2/qc:
    Adaptec Perc 2/qc Firmware, v., A13
    FileName: PERC2-280_6089.exe [1 MB] &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspRelease Date: 4/14/2004

    Windows XP is not validated on any PowerEdge Server, there are no specific drivers available.

    Adaptec Perc 2/qc Driver, Windows 2000, v., A15<
    FileName: W2K-2806085.exe [259 KB]&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspRelease Date: 4/14/2004

    Adaptec Perc 2/qc Driver, Windows Server 2003 v., A05
    FileName: w2k3-2806085.exe [259 KB]&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspRelease Date: 4/14/2004

    Perc 2/qc Documentation

    Thanks for using the Dell Community Forums!

  • Thank you for that Mark it was very much apreciated.

    Can you also tell me if there is a guide to setting up the first array (Not a bootable array I will be booting of an Array on an Adaptec AAA-131U2), I have used DAC's but only the Adaptec 1000 family and a couple of Mylex controllers.

    I do realise Dell cant and wont support me with the AAA-131U2 but i do need a hand with the PERC2/QC



  • Hi,

    The documentation for creating the array containers and making them bootable (or not) on the Perc 2/qc can be found at this link.


  • Mark

    Is that all i need to get it back up and running?

    All i have is the controller (with a server of course and a shiny new stick of 128Mb RAM ) with no drivers, utillities or Array managment software (for Windows besed array managment and under "DOS" to do the initial configuration.

    I dont want to start to do the job and then find i dont have all i need to finnish it.



  • Hi,

    If you are booting off the Adaptec AAA-131U2 controller and have created the array container on the Perc 2/qc using the CTRL-A BIOS Container Configuration Utility, you are ready to install your Operating System. I listed the drivers in previous post. The only other piece of software you need is the Array Manager.

    Dell OpenManage Array Manager NW, 2000, 2003, v., A02
    FileName: a350a02.exe [78 MB]&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspRelease Date: 2-23-2004

    Array Manager Documentation <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

    I am in hopes the Array Manager will not conflict with the Adaptec AAA-131U2 management software, but I really do not know.

    Good Luck and have a happy holiday !!

  • Mark


    Are there any other none Windows Operating Systems supported by this controller.

    I was thinking about FreeBSD or SCO Openware, SCO Unixware. or maybe a Linux distro like Gentoo or Debian

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  • Hi,

    Most of the most recent Operating Systems should have drivers native (or available) for the Perc 2/qc, but I am not postive as I do not have any real experience with non-windows operating systems.

    There are drivers for Red Hat and Novell on our download website.

  • thanks for the help again Mark :)
  • Hi,

    Does anybody know where I can download a fresh copy of the Adaptec Flexible Array Storage Tool (FAST) software.

    This is i believe essential to the running of the array, and reconditioning the BBU on the MD-9000.

    Is it on the dell ftp?

    If so where is it, what folder/file name?

  • Mark

    When I boot using the Fireware flash floppy disk it displays a warning about needing a "Service Tag number" and that if the system doesnt have a service tag number it will error.

    How do I tell if the system has a service tag number?

    And if it doesnt have one in it can i input the service tag number after the flash upgrade?