PERC 3/Di drivers for install with Windows 2000 SBS


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PERC 3/Di drivers for install with Windows 2000 SBS

  • Hi Folks,

    I need to do a fresh install of Windows 2000 SBS on our PE 4600 with the PERC 3/Di. There are already two RAID containers, which I may or may not decide to keep.

    I need help in locating the correct drivers for the PERC 3/Di so I can load it via a floppy during installation when booting from the Win2000 SBS CD.

    All our original Dell CDs and system documentation have taken a leave of absence.

    Service Tag: 1TN2J0J
    FlashBIOS is at vA10
    PERC 3/Di BIOS is at v2.7-1 build 3170
    ESM v1.77
    BP v1.01
    SDR v0.33

    Thanking you in advance,


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  • I had found the PERC 3/Di driver for Win2000 in the downloads section, but initially when I had extracted it to a floppy and used it during set-up, it had not worked.

    I have just tried it again, and Windows 2000 set-up was able to detect the PERC 3/Di and I was able to see the RAID container for the system. May have been a bad floppy.

    File uesd: w2ka12dr.exe - SCSI RAID: Adaptec PERC2, , PERC2/Si, , PERC3/Si, , PERC3/Di, Driver, Windows 2000, Multi Language, Multi System, v., A12