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PowerEdge sc1435 upgrade to SAS driver


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PowerEdge sc1435 upgrade to SAS driver

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I'am owner of two identical PE sc1435 with dual SATA 500GB 7.200rpm in raid 1, with this specifications:

SC1435 Opteron 2212 2.0GHz/2M 95W
PCI-E Riser Card
SC1435 Bezel Assembly
2GB DDR2 667MHz Memory - 2CPU (4x512MB single rank DIMMs)
Additional Opteron 2212 2.0GHz/2M 95W processor
500GB SATA (7,200rpm) 3.5 inch 1st Hard Drive
500GB SATA (7,200rpm) 3.5 inch Additional Hard Drive
SAS 5iR U320 SAS Controller
8x IDE DVD-ROM Drive
Server Management Kit
C5 - Add-in SAS RAID1,
Hard Drives connected to add in SAS5iR controller

From Dell specification I understand that my systems can support SAS drivers, but I can't find SAS drivers in suggested parts looking for by Services Tag on dell site.
I don't understand completely if I can use RAID1 with SAS and max capacity supported for that drives.

Thanks in advanced, regards,
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  • Hi Maurizio,

    I'm going to move your message to the PowerEdge hard drive forum, which is the best place to get help with this question.

  • Salve!

    Your SAS RAID controller is a SAS 5/iR, and the driver is listed on the Drivers and Downloads page of the Support Site.  Don't search by Service Tag ... that feature is experiencing intermittent problems, and if it did not originally ship with a SAS 5/iR, then it wouldn't show up either.

    What OS are you wanting to install?

    The SAS 5/iR (as the name implies) is a SAS controller, which will support either SAS or SATA drives.  Since you can only have one Virtual Disk (array) on the SAS 5/iR, and because you cannot mix SAS and SATA in the same array, you can EITHER use SAS drives OR SATA drives, but not both.  (Sidenote:  The SAS 5/iR does support non-RAID, so you could attach any combination (up to four) of drives you wish.)

    RAID/non-RAID must be configured before installing the OS and cannot be switched later without reinstalling.

    The SAS 5/iR will support a max drive size of 2TB and a maximum array size of 2TB.

  • Hi,

    thanks, I'm sorry for the mistake

  • Hi, thanks for your informations,

    I use Gentoo Linux for all my server; I want upgrade sc1435 to SAS hd with max size supported by SAS 5/iR , configured in RAID1.

    I have understand that the maximum capacity for SAS drive must by 300GB 10Krpm, it's correct? or upgrading bios, or controller firmware, can I increase the max capacity supported?

    I'm sorry for my bad english , regards,


  • "I have understand that the maximum capacity for SAS drive must by 300GB 10Krpm, it's correct?"

    No, the max disk size is 2TB (SAS or SATA).

  • are you talking about SAS or Near Line SAS?

    can you show to me some documentation about this?


  • Either.  I don't believe straight SAS comes as large as 2TB (1.2TB is probably the largest that Dell sells right now) right now, but 2TB NLSAS (SAS connectors, internal commands; SATA performance) or SATA drives will work.

    What kind of documentation are you looking for?

  • ok, I have understood,