Clearing System Event Log on Poweredge R710


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Clearing System Event Log on Poweredge R710

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I have a Dell Poweredge R710 with an amber warning light showing :

I1912 System Event Log full, Review & clear log.

I cannot use Dell Open Management Server Administrator on this server as the server is locked down.

I do not have an iDRAC card in this server either.

What I’m looking for is a bootable CD with the options to view/clear the System Event Log.

Does anybody know if one exists.



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  • Bernie,

    There is a bootable disk you can use to access and clear the hardware log.

    OMSA Live -

    Boot to that disk, it is a bootable kind of OpenManage Server Admin. From there select the Logs and then clear the log.

    Let me know how it goes.

    Chris Hawk

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  • Well, I tried it and it asked me for a username and password, which I have NO IDEA what it is.  Broken Heart  I tried the local admin for the server, I tried domain/user and password, but none of that worked but since it is booting to a different OS I didn't really expect it to work.  I tried some other stuff but finally had to bail - I will have to try again when no one is in the system. Thanks, it looked like a good idea if I only knew the login info. Big Smile

  • actually, all R710 systems come with the drac express installed, so you can clear the logs using that. There are 2 ways to do it., you can reboot, and during the bootup process, before the OS starts to load,  you will be prompted for the Cntrl-E to enter idrac screen. Once in that screen, scroll down to System Event Log menu, hit Enter on that, then scroll down one to clear the system event log. The other option assumes you have conncted a lan cable to the system and configured an IP address for your idrac (which can be done in Cntrl-E, Lan paramters), then you would sign into the drac via your browser by entering the IP address of the drac (root/ calvin is the default username/password), then click Logs tab, then scroll all the way to the bottom and choose Clear logs. FYI, you can also set the idrac to have an IP address (DHCP or static) using the front LCD panel. press the check button to show Setup, press again to show idrac, then left or right to select dhcp or static, then press again to save.

  • i forgot to add, one thing that I use ALOT is to have the lcd panel show the ip address of the idrac at all times. This is done by pressing the check button (middle button) , press check again on setup, go to the right to Set Home, press check, then press check again on Drac, press check again on IPv4, press check again on save.

  • Is it possible to clear this log through the Windows OS - under the Windows Event Viewer or is this not the same log that the 1912 error is reporting as full?




  • Yes, you can do it from the OS using the OpenManage software.  Windows Event Viewer is not the same thing and has no ability to clear the system logs (which are hardware logs).

  • However, don't just clear it and assume everything is ok ... it is full because of the number of hardware errors and warnings.  Ultimately, you need to fix those.

  • H Rey,

    I have a Dell R510 that needs the System Log cleared.

    I have iDRAC access. I am using IE.

    When I select the tab for logs and scroll to the bottom there is no option to clear. Any ideas?


    UPDATE: I changed to Firefox and now am able to see and clear the log. Just an FYU

  • If you don't use the Dell OpenManage tools on a Dell server, you can also do one-time maintenance of the logs using the Dell DSET Utility:

    Before you clear the log with DSET, tell it to Create Advanced Report, which will extract all historical hardware log data (takes 20 minutes or so) and put it in a zipfile, with a password of "dell". If you unzip that to a folder and open the main file in there, it gives you a use webpage browser view of system health in static format.

  • With 3.7 installer I do not see an option Clear Log, only 1) view release notes, 2) install/upgrade dset/remote provider, 3) dset, 4) remote provider and 5) quit. I upgraded - but how do I clean system log on T610 then?