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perc h310 vs h710 with raid1 ssd

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Any ideas on performance on a raid1 (2*ssd) on a perc h310 vs the perc h710 ?

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  • I don't have any benchmarks to share, but the H310 does NOT have write caching, which can significantly improve performance.

  • There is some conflicting evidence about support of TRIM in RAID configurations. My understanding is, even if the OS supports TRIM, most RAID cards do not support the command.  This will result in severe performance issues as the SSD is used.  However, I notice that Dell offers some interesting 1 SSD plus hard drives in their RAID options. The 310 may support "CacheCade" an LSI term for using an SSD as an intermediate cache to speed things up. I do not know how they deal with TRIM issues in these configurations.

  • Note: I'm wrong - the PERC H310 does NOT support CacheCade. See page 93 of the users guide