I am looking to update the RAID controller firmware on 3 new PowerEdge R610's.  We already have ESXi configured and in use on the machines as well as OpenManage.

Openmanage yells at me with this warning:
PERC H700 firmware is out of date
Current:  12.3.0-0032
Minimum Required:  12.10.1-0001
Driver Version:

I read that one way to do this is to boot off a CentOS live CD and install via .BIN file.  I tried this, but didn't have any success:


-Boot off live CD and downloaded firmware


-Installed pre-req packages

yum install libxml2-2.6.26- compat-libstdc++-33 libstdc++

-Tried running the .BIN file, and get this:

"This Update Package is not compatible with your system configuration"


Is there a better way to try and get these RAID controllers updated?