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PowerEdge r610 sas GB/s external hba model

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Hi all,

On Dell's website for the poweredge, they show a matrix of the possible sas controllers


We are interested in getting a Dell R610 with the 6Gbps SAS HBA to connect to a MD3200 possibly. We want to use Solaris 10 but since this label doesn't actually say what model it is, I can't see if it's supported. Does anyone know the exact model and brand of this hba?



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  • You need a SAS6E adapter, however, Solaris isn't a supported operating system for the MD3200 (see support matirx here). This means that multipathing (load balancing and failover) probably won't work with your OS. If you're not too concerned about that, you could also just get an MD1200 connected to a PERC H800 and (assuming Solaris supports the LSI 6Gbit/s SAS controllers) then multipathing is less relevant.

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  • Thanks DEV MGR for the reply and the link, I'll be sure to check it out.

    If I take out the Dell MD3200 from the equation above and just want to buy the enchanced r610 on  Dell's website at:

    There's a section called "External Controller" which lists the following:


    • PERC 6/E SAS External RAID Adapter, 256MB
    • PERC 6/E SAS External RAID Adapter, 512MB
    • Dell Single Channel Ultra 320 SCSI PCIe Host Adapter
    • PERC H800 RAID Adapter for External JBOD, 512MB
    • SAS 6Gbps HBA External Cntrl
    • PERC H800 RAID Adapter for External JBOD, 1Gb NV Cache 


    Does anyone know the manufacturer brand and model of the 5th item, SAS 6Gbps HBA External Cntrl?

    Or the other PERC adapters as well?  DEV MGR did at least point out that they are at least LSI, but model would be a great bonus!



  • For the last 5+ years, Dell has been using LSI controllers for all their SAS and hardware raid controllers (not sure about the software raid controllers (e.g. S100 and S300)). As for an exact model; that may be hard to define as these are OEM cards, which means that certain features may have been added or removed from the retail equivalents. Usually, if your OS has a driver for an LSI 6Gbit/s SAS controller (chip), it'll work no matter which model it is though.

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  • Thanks for the reply again DEV MGR!