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Extending RAID 1 disk space in PERC 5/i


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Extending RAID 1 disk space in PERC 5/i

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I wonder if anyone could shed some light on an issue I'm having. An extensive internet search has left me none the wiser.


I have a server with a DELL PERC 5/i RAID array, with two drives configured as RAID 1

Unfortunately, I'm now in need of expanding the disk space. The plan was to remove the two 250GB drives and add two 500GB drives, one at a time to allow synchronisation and prevent data loss. I then intended to create a new Virtual disk on the extra space and allow the OS to format it as a new drive, whilst retaining the original Virtual disk to retain the current data on the server.


I have performed this operation before on PERC 4/Di without any problems, but PERC 5/i seems to be unable to do this. I have successfully swapped the drives out, and the server is happily continuing as before, but I don't seem to have the option of creating a new virtual drive on the extra space; the option itself is 'greyed out' I have read that the facility to do this is in the 'manage space' option rather that the 'controller' option, but I have to admit I'm really not seeing anything at all that makes me think I can do this


I'm a bit baffled and irritated that a 'newer' RAID ARRAY and/or firmware seems to lack the extremely useful functionality of the older one.


Is it possible at all to use the extra HDD space in PERC 5/i without destroying the data currently on the disks, am I just missing something?


Thanks for any advice

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  • The operation you are trying to execute is not supported by PERC 5, you cannot expand the VD with the extra space on the hard drives.  What you can do is to create a second VD on the extra space, this will appear as a different disk on the OS.

  • Hi, thanks for the reply, but my first post clearly states that that is what I'm trying to do: Create a new VD on the extra space.

    It doesn't seem to allow me to. Do you know the steps necessary to create a new VD on PERC5? Because it seems to be greyed out.


    As I said I've done this on PERC4 without a problem.

  • Through the BIOS configuration utility:
    - Press Ctrl-R on boot when prompted
    - On the “VD Mgmt” screen highlight the Disk group you want to work on and expand it
    - Once open, highlight “Space allocation” and you should see a “* Free Space * (xxxx MB)” entry
    - Highlight it and press F2 -> “Add New VD”
    - Select the size, name, etc . . . and click OK - done !

    Through OpenManage
    - Go to: "Storage / PERC controller / Virtual Disk" on the left side frame
    - Then click on “Go To Create Virtual Disk Wizard”
    - Click on “Go To Advance Wizard”
    - Select RAID 1 (only VDs of the same type can be created when using the same hard drives) and click on “Continue”
    - Select one of the HDDs used on the original VD (the rest should be automatically selected by the system) and “Continue”
    - Select size, name, etc .  . . and “Continue”
    - And “Finish”

  • Thanks very much. I didn't think of going through Openmanage before, but I've just followed your instructions and it's worked a treat.

    Thanks once again.