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Perc controller: strike the f1 key to continue, why?


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Perc controller: strike the f1 key to continue, why?

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Dell 1600sc   win 2003, sp2

We were recently given this computer. The OS was loaded.

Using 2 disks in a raid 1 configuration.

Upon boot the following is displayed ::::::::::::::

primary hard disk drive 0 not found

poweredge expandable raid controller bios 3.27 apr 29, 2002
press ctrl m to run config utility
ctrl h for webbios

HA -0 bus 0 dev 4 perc 4/sc standard fw 1.72 dram=32mb
1 logical drive found on the host adapter
1 logical drives handled by bios

strike the f1 key to continue, f2 to run the setup utility.


Pressing f1 boots the os. And all is well.

But every boot requires pressing F1.

I have set bios to boot from the PCI scsi card.

And Perc is set to boot from the drive.

Clues? Guidance? ,.....


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  • It sounds like the system is looking for a drive on the IDE Controller???  Try checking the settings in the bios.

  • Thank you for your response.


    The Computer's BIOS is set to boot from the raid controller. Apparently it still looks to the IDE controller first.

    The Raid controller's bios is set to boot from the first disk.

    Win 2003 runs fine after I press F1.

    Currently attempting a 2003 repair, with most current Perc driver disk. But NO!!! F1 has headed its ugly rear again.

    Now what, I ask myself? I will review the raid setup.



  • I'm not familiar with the 1600 SC or it's particular BIOS settings, but you might want to check the following:

    If there's no IDE drive (other than the CD-ROM) in the system; check the Boot Sequence in BIOS and uncheck the IDE drive if it has a number next to it in the sequence.  I believe highlighting the particular drive and pressing the Space bar will select/de-delect it.

    Check all other BIOS settings and de-select the IDE drive from them.

    Remember to leave your CD-ROM drive as part of the boot order; I routinely leave it in there for running diagnostics or when I have boot from a bootable CD if something happens to the RAID array.



  • jm666

    Clues? Guidance? ,.....


    I have an Poweredge 1900. I had two SAS-drives in a Raid1 configuration. After deleting this raid and creating a Raid0 i had this same message every time on boot up. It stopped showing when I disabled "Halt on Boot Errors" in BIOS. I choose never halt on any errors. This fixed the problem.