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Power connector PE2650


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Power connector PE2650

  • We have a DELL PE2650 and we recently bought one 68 pin HD scsi 146Gb to upgrade it. We aren't able to connect it, because we didn't know wich is the power connector to use for it. We would know if exist a special cable connector or special adapter to give power to this HD. Regard
  • What's the model number of the drive?


    Most likely, the power cable will look like this:





  • The 2650 uses drives in carriers.  The carriers pop out of the front of the machine.  A blank carrier is NOT the same as one for the drives.  The carrier looks like this.


    Also, I think the carriers expect to have 80pin SCSI drives.  If you can take down the server, pull one of the existing drives and compare it to what you've bought.


    Hope this helps.

  • Everything, thanks. I have not perhaps been enough clear in my question.

    We have connected an additional hard disk FUJITSU 146 Gb Ultra320 scsi 68 PIN (through an adapter IDE for 68 PIN, without connector for the electricity), and we would like to know where possible to take the feeding eletterica from the motherboard of the PE2650 is.


  • The problem with the PE2650 is they assume you're using standard drives in the front carriers.  I don't know where you've put the drive but finding power will be difficult.  All of the power connectors in the chassis are custom and route to boards where the drives connect.  If I remember correctly, the 80pin SCSI connector on the drives contains the power so there's no extra power connector to the drive.


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  • The problem here is you got the wrong hard drive for the PE2650. The PE2650 uses 80 pin connector harddrives and not 68 pin. Return the harddrive and get an 80 pin one.