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Verifying how to update firmware and driver on PERC 4e/Di


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Verifying how to update firmware and driver on PERC 4e/Di

  • I did a little searching and came up with the post below:
    I installed OpenManage Administrator 5.2.0 on a Windows Server 2003 SP2 machine, as this machine didn't have any OpenManage admin or Array Manager software installed and it wouldn't let me install the provided version... it claimed it wouldn't work with 2003 SP2.
    In order to use the new Array Manager / Open Manage Administrator I apparently need to update the PERC's driver and firmware.  Said post says I need up update the driver software first, then update the firmware.  Has this procedure changed any?
    The machine in question is a Power Edge 2800 server with three 68 GB disks.  Aside from not having a prior version of Array Manager / Open Manage and using old firmware / old drivers, it's otherwise up to date with regards to OS patches.
    I have to administer other servers of varying models (some PowerEdge 1700s, for instance) but they're all Dell and they all have a PERC controller on them.  I might want to install this updated OpenManage on them as well... is it the same steps (update driver, then update firmware) to be compatible with OpenManage 5.2?
  • There is actually an order to it. However, there is an Update CD available for download that you run within the OS that will update the system properly for you. You can download it here:

    Dell CD ISO - PowerEdge Updates

    Just let it run and then reboot when prompted and the system will be up to date. At the bottom of the page is another link that will show you all of the PowerEdge systems that are supported. For older systems, 6th generation and older, there is a pre-req CD that can be downloaded if the firmware is way out of date.

    The proper process is:
    1. Verify a working backup is present.
    2. Make sure the system is not degraded, such as a hard drive offline.
    3. Uninstall any older versions of Array Manage and/or Server Admin.
    4. Update the system using the update CD.
    5. Install the latest version of Server Admin.