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Initialize raid-1 with 'live' disks..


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Initialize raid-1 with 'live' disks..

  • Hi,

    In an earlier post here ChocolateHobNob gave me some good advice on how to initialize disks in raid-1 mirroring from scratch using the dell installation CD.

    Our situation is that we have a Dell Poweredge SC420 server which originally had two disks in mirrored raid config. Due to a disk error it has run with only one disk for a few months now. Lately that disk was replaced with a bigger one and win2003 server was installed and configured from scratch.

    Now we wonder if it is possible to *add a second equal disk* and initialize both these disks for raid-1 mirroring *without reformatting* the win2003 server os which is already operational and configured.

    Thanks for comments on how to get this up and running as a mirrored raid without risking to mess up the win2003 server on the original disk (if ever possible).



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  • raid migration....
  • Thanks pcmeiners

    Is the MegaRaid software downloadable from the Dell website? Does it support the 420SC controller?

  • Jumped the gun, I have misled you, likely the 420 is equipped with a SCSI adapter capable of raid 1,....
     This previous post was for the "true" raid adapters, not for SCSI adapters capable of just simple raid 0 and raid 1. If you have an adapter which is capable of raid 5, then it is a true hardware raid, then you could do the migration from the raid bios setup. 
  • Well the two disks have SATA interfaces. I will post back tomorrow which adapter type this server is equipped with...

    regards Tor
  • Excerpt from system summary of the actual computer:

    C3 SATA, Software RAID 1,2 Hard drives

    So which options do I have...?

    Thanks ;-)