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Degraded hard drive on Power Edge 2850 server


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Degraded hard drive on Power Edge 2850 server

  • I would like to replace this drive can it just be pulled out or do you have to mark it failed or ofline.


  • No.  it is already failed or offline. Replace the drive with a new one, check in the raid utility to see if it is rebuilding.

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  • Yes the drive did rebuild but the array is still degraded after the rebuild. I also try a second drive and that to is degraded after the rebuild. What do you think is causing this problem. I am thinking the data on the array maybe corrupt but no end user is complaining all seems okay. If any one has any other solutions to this please pass them on to me.

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    David Hull
  • What raid types are you running, how many disks, do you have drives populated over more than 1 channel (split backplane). I assume you have the typical raid1 and a raid 5 
    Odd,  the logic points to the second drive you tried also having unrecoverable errors. Initialization is  low level to the adapter, file system corruption would not affect this in anyway. If another drive in the array was "bad" but not being failed by the adapter, this should have been picked up during initialization, so in all, according to the results the second drive is not good or.....
    Another possibility,though unlikely is a bad backplane connector or small piece of debris lodged in the connector, clean with electronic contact cleaner.
    I would re-seat the cables at the raid adapter and to the backplane, after spraying the contacts with electronic contact cleaner or contact enhancer (radio shack). If you have disconnected them before, inspect the cable for bent pins. While you at it, get a can of Teflon spray.. Remington (Rem-Drilube) and  Bordens make it, (at hardware or gun shop). With Teflon spray on the connectors, little chance of bending the pin, easy insertion and removal, spray is non conductive wet or dry. 
    It is possible to insert a replacement drive in a different slot, but it MUST be on the SAME channel as the failed drive (drive roaming).