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iDRAC LCDrive usb device - drive letter assignment


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iDRAC LCDrive usb device - drive letter assignment

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not entirely sure which forum section to post this in...

Seems like an elementary question, but how do I either hide or change the drive leter on an iDRAC USB LCDrive device that appears in DiskMgnt on 2008R2.

R610 w/iDRAC
DiskMgnt shows
a) local Perc array (C: D: E:)
b) physical CDROM as F:
c) removable media drive as H: (iDRAC LCDrive usb device)
d) removable media drive as I: (confirmed as iDRAC virtual floppy usb device)
d) CDROM drive as G: (confirmed as iDRAC virual cdrom usb device)

I initially thought it was vFlash, but this device appears in DiskMgnt even with vFlash turned off. The local SD port settings in the BIOS is also disabled. Unlike the other virtual media drives this does not show any actual drive/partition - consequently I am unable to change or remove the drive letter assigned to this device. 

I had successfully mounted images and reassigned dirve letters for the iDRAC fdd & cdrom w/o issue.

I do not want to turn off iDRAC virual media entirely as I was planning on mounting an installer ISO to perform s/w installs. I just want to know what the hell the iDRAC LCDrive USB is referring to so I can change the drive letter.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Can you check LCDrive enable status by running below racadm command


    racadm getconfig -g cfgRacVirtual -o cfgLCDriveEnable


    If it is enabled (value is 1) then can you check whether LCdrive is shown after disabling the LCDriveEnable. You can disable LCDrive by running below command

    racadm config -g cfgRacVirtual -o cfgLCDriveEnable 0




  • cheers for the prompt reply.

    I don't know why I didn't think of it yesterday, but I've since run DiskPart and removed the drive letter assigned to that volume. I'm certainly confused as to what device/disk/volume this LCDrive actually is ?

    racadm - is this part of OpenManage ?  No OpenManage yet installed on this system.  

  • You can run racadm command by connecting to iDRAC using SSH.



  • sweet.

    racadm output below for further clarity:-

    /admin1-> racadm getconfig -g cfgRacVirtual -o cfgLCDriveEnable

    /admin1-> racadm config -g cfgRacVirtual -o cfgLCDriveEnable 0
    Object value modified successfully

    /admin1-> racadm getconfig -g cfgRacVirtual -o cfgLCDriveEnable

    Device still listed in DiskMgnt (even after Rescan Disks), although I haven't rebooted this server yet.