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Guidelines to Quote Strings in RACADM - Failed CSR generation

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Hi, I've been tearing my hair out trying to generate a CSR through RACADM. From what I've observed it appears that the documentation regarding "Guidelines to Quote Strings Containing Special Characters When Using RACADM Commands" in iDRAC 7 is incorrect but then again maybe I'm missing something obvious.

At first I thought it was my scripting that was causing the issue but I've stripped the example back to simple RACADM on the command line.

In the example above I set iDRAC.Security.CsrOrganizationName using double quoted string (as per the guidelines) and it appears that the value was successfully set however when you attempt to generate the CSR, it fails with:

ERROR: The OrgName field of the CSR Security group must be configured before a CSR can be generated.

When examining the iDRAC web interface, I can see that the value was correctly set can successfully generate a CSR there, just not in the CLI.

In the second part of the example I set an org name without spaces, still in double quotes to be fair. However when attempting to generate the CSR this time on the CLI it succeeds.

Any ideas?

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  • Can you try below command to create and download CSR from iDRAC. This found to be working with space on Organization Name


    racadm -r -u root -p calvin sslcsrgen -f c:\csr.txt



  • Hmm that sort of works if you've already generated the CSR. By that I mean you download something but it's not a CSR. If you just set the object values and execute sslcsrgen only with -f, the file you download contains the error message "ERROR: Unable to read CSR." Presumably because the CSR has not been generated.

    If you specify -g and -f you run into the same error:

    Generating CSR. Please wait...

    ERROR: The OrgName field of the CSR Security group must be configured
    before a CSR can be generated.


    There appears to be something broken here with generation and spaces in values in the CLI.