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Determine DRAC version from RACADM?


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Determine DRAC version from RACADM?

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Is there a way to determine the general DRAC version (e.g. DRAC6, DRAC7) using RACADM commands? I'm working on some scripts that need to operate differently on DRAC6 vs. DRAC7.

I'm currently pulling the system model (Pulled from RACADM GETSYSINFO) and examining the 2nd digit of the numeric part. (e.g. M610 - 1 indicates DRAC6, R720 - 2 indicates DRAC 7) but I figure there must be a better way to do this.

Thanks in advance. Post

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  • Jim,

    Looks like there may be a way, you will have to test in your environment. 

    racadm -r <ip_address> -u <User> -p <password> getconfig -g idracinfo -o idractype
    Now, each one reports a different code; this is what we found so far:
    11g idrac6 modulars reported as 11
    12g monolithic reported as 16
    12g modular reported as 17

    iDRAC Type (Read Only)


    Identifies the remote access controller type.

    Legal Values

    Product ID


    For CMC: 9

    For 10G iDRAC: 8

    For 11G iDRAC6 on Rack and Servers: 10

    For 11G iDRAC6 Enterprise on Blade Servers: 11

    For 12G iDRAC7 on Rack and Servers: 16

    For 12G iDRAC7 Enterprise on Blade Servers: 17

    Let us know if this solution works for you..

    Regards and enjoy your weekend,


    Geoff P
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  • This looks like it will work. Thanks for the quick response.

  • I didn't notice this at the time but the values listed above for CMC (and I assume 10G DRAC) are incorrect.

    On all of the CMCs I've checked iDracType returns 8.

    I don't have access to any 10G servers to check but I'm assuming they will return 9.

    Any idea what values will be returned for 13G iDRAC8 servers?

  • a better option is 

    racadm -r IP -u root -p PASS getconfig -g idracinfo -o idRacName


    04:23 alex $ racadm -r **.**.**.** -u root -p **** getconfig -g idracinfo -o idRacName