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iDRAC6 drops connection

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I have a Dell PE R710 server, which was running just fine. I updated it with a CD I created with Dell Repository Manager (iDRAC got firmware 1.95), and got a problem (what an irony !): it drops a connection. It drops a connection to the console/virtual media when I ussue a reboot command (firmware version 1.85 wasn't) and sometimes it drops the connection just in the middle of operations. So I just cannot install any OS (it drops the connection whan OS checks it's devices). Reverting the firmware back to 1.85 doesn't help, the connection is still dropped. I checked the dell online repository, and it really seems like I got all the last versions of the firmwares.

When can I do to solve this ?


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  • Yup, I found that after the update the iDRAC switched from dedicated mode NIC to shared (and I have a dedicated port and cable). I switched it back -a dn everything is back to normal.