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IDRAC7 Express email alert


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IDRAC7 Express email alert

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I want to send alerts via email. Email configuration is ok- i can send test email.

On idrac web page is submenu:

Alerts->Alerts and Remote System Log Configuration

where i can decide which alert should by send vie email.

I selected check boxes  in email Colum for specific alerts, next  Apply button  and after refreshing page  my selected checkboxes disappears!

What i do wrong?  

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  • Maciekc,

    What revision is the iDrac firmware at currently? If it is behind it can cause issues. 

    Another option would be to use OpenManage Essentials for the email alerts. You can find OME here -

    Let me know what you find out.

    Chris Hawk

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  • Hi Dell0Chris H!

    Thanks for reply,

    My server informations:

    System Model PowerEdge R320

    BIOS Version 2.0.22
    Firmware Version 1.51.51 (Build 01)
    Lifecycle Controller Firmware
    IDSDM Firmware Version N/A

    I was trying to find a way to resolve this problem using racadm  but i did not find command to set email alerts. 

  • Hi again!

    I still can't resolve  the problem with disappearing alerts email checkboxes  after refreshing page.

    is it possible that the  web browser i use (Chrome  ver. 33) is not compatible with idrac web page?

  • You need to upgrade frimware idrac

    I downloaded iDRAC7_1.56.55_A00.exe
    Unpacked it in Vindovs
    And the updated page iDRAC Settings - Update and Rollback

  • Thanks a lot   !

    Upgrade to the newest version  resolved my problem!