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DELL MUMC - no nodes


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DELL MUMC - no nodes

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I`m using a Dell UPS Rack 1920W HV an a Dell R420 virtualizytion server with MS Server 2012 with hyper-v.

I installed the Dell Multi-UPS Management Console on one PC. The node list now is only showing the UPS an the PC, the software is installed on. How do I get the hyper-v server in the node list? Automatic discover doesn`t find any hosts. Do I have to open special firewall ports on the nodes?

THX for help!

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  • Hoeb,

    You would also need to use ULNM (UPS Local Node Mgr) to do that. If you follow this link it will explain the steps for configuring, discovering and monitoring -

    Let me know if this helps.

    Chris Hawk

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  • Hi,

    thx for your help, ths brought me one step further.

    So just for my understanding:

    - on the nodes, I want to shut down by the USP, in case of a powerloss, I have to install the ULNM software?!

    just for my szenario:

    as written, I have one USP with one R420 virtualization server (MS hyper-v) connected. In case of powerloss, the VMs on the server should shut down an finally the virtualization host.

    so do I have to install the ULNM in every VM? Or just on the hyper-v host?

    And where do I have to install the MUMC in this case? On an extra machine?

    so many questions... ;)

  • no more hints for me?! Crying