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Dell Power Edge 1955 Blade Rack

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hi all first time poster and very new to the 1955 servers.

i have a blade server rack witch im working on and i have installed 2 of the blades with xenserver. im having problems with connecting any think to the internet here are a few questions i have.

1. what do i plug my broad band cable into kvm/drac/gigabit switches? the only thing that makes the lights turn on is plugging into the drac but still no connection to the net.

2. i have set everything to dhcp but am not getting any ip address allocated to the machine. 

3. do i even need the gigabit switches?

please help i have been struggling with this for many weeks and i cant find anything on google and im very lost.

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  • BladeNoob,

    We will need additional information to be able to assist on this

    What is the Broadband cable you are referring to?

    Is it the cable from an Internet router? If so which one? 

    Is the enclosure going on a network or is the goal, just internet access? 

    What switches are installed/being used?

    Let me know.

    Here is a guide that can assist you. It also has alot of good information. -

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  • hi thanks for your reply.

    yes it is the cable from the internet router  ADSL2 router so just the standard home broad band and network cables. its running to a standard home router.

    the goal is to  host my own websites and vps's and run some bitcoin mining pools all on the internet.

    as for the switches im not to sure heres the model number bmx-phy it has 10 inputs and there are 2 of these in the enclosure.

  • It sounds like you have pass through modules. These provide physical network ports for the blades. They are gigabit only, so you will need a gigabit switch to connect them 

  • so i should get a gigabit switch for the enclosure? and would the network cable connect to the switch and then the switch to the gigabit pass through for each blade?

  • Think of the 10 ports on each module as individual network cards. Module A connects all blade nic1 and Module B all nic2. So a network cable from these ports to a port in a gigabit switch and the lan cable from your adsl router as well should give you connectivity.

  • Hi there.  You need to install either the ethernet passthrough modules.  ( 10 ethernet jacks per module.  One jack per blade per module.  Left side of the chassis would be one of the NICs on each blade, the right side of the chassis would be the other NIC on each blade.   There are 2 other switch models available, a dell and a cisco.  I'd recommend starting with the passthrough module until you understand what's going on with the hardware.

    You would want to plug your internet/modem into a router or a switch.  then plug individual blades ( from the above 10 port passthrough modules ) into the switch.  If you had all 10 blades running, you'd have 20 ethernet cables coming from one chassis. 2 cables from each blade.

    The KVM and drac are for managing the chassis, but not for connectivity from any of the blades.  The blades need some networking to be installed in the top left and top right slots on the chassis.

    The servers are power hungry but work well even up to 2012 server.. havent tried 2012R2 yet.  I've installed 8GB DIMMs so you can definitely get 64GB RAM per blade..  I will try and get 16GB DIMMs, I wonder if it can handle them..   128GB/blade with quad cores would be a nice server node.