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Can't directly download OM-SrvAdmin to VMware ESX, workaround


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Can't directly download OM-SrvAdmin to VMware ESX, workaround

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Apparently it is not possible to directly download the install package into the VMWare hypervisor via the SSH debug shell.

Installer file:

VMWare includes the wget tool to download files from webservers, but trying to use the download link on this page does not work:

Attempting to download the installer file onto the server, using the link for "Download file":


Note that this URL is the same as the one above -- the download link is also the webpage address for this file.

The download relies on javascript to actually initiate the file download process, and wget doesn't understand javascript, so the direct download fails.

It is necessary to open the resulting jumble of HTML source with the less command, and then look for anything which has the actual file name in it.

It actually appears three times in there for some reason...

And so to actually download the installer direct from Dell onto your VMWare server, you have to use:



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  • Dmahalko,

    I posted a walk through on getting this working here - if you follow that then you should be able to get OMSA working with ESXi. 

    Let me know if this helps.

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  • The method I usually use is this:

    - Browse a datastore and upload the OMSA zipfile to it (similar filename as in Chris' link, but updated with the current OMSA version)

    - enable SSH on the ESXi host (host -> configuration tab -> Security -> Top properties link -> SSH -> start

    - put the host in maintenance mode (cannot install without doing this)

    - SSH into the host using putty or another SSH client

    - do an "ls /vmfs/volumes/datastore-name/

    - do an "esxcli software vib install --depot /vmfs/volumes/datastore-name/"

    It will tell you at the end if a reboot is needed.

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