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iDRAC and Remote Console Gray

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I just recently started managing a PowerEdge PowerEdge M1000e chassis with M600 blades. In July, prior to my coming on board, the chassis CMC was upgraded to 4.4. Since the upgrade, we are unable to access the iDRAC on the blades. When I try to launch the iDRAC or Remote Console, both buttons are gray. I also cannot find anything in the CMC about what version of iDRAC firmware is installed on the blades. Since they only upgraded the CMC on the chassis, I assume the iDRAC firmware is what ever comes with M600.

So, any help identifying why I cannot access iDRAC on the M600s would be appreciated.

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  • One bit of information I should have included. When I try to apply iDRAC Network Settings from the CMC, I get the error "Operation Not Successful: Error 0x000c".

  • When the chassis is plugged but not powered on only portions of the CMC web interface will work.  Power on the chassis and wait a few minutes and then try again.  The firmware should be displayed and the iDRAC configuration should be successful.