Temperature of R720xd Power Supply Units are high!


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Temperature of R720xd Power Supply Units are high!

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I just bought a R720xd w/ 1 E5-2620, 16GB DDR3 x4, 3.5" 4TB NL-SAS x12 and 2.5" 146GB SAS x2, I find the temperature of PSUs are about 50°C(122°F), the fans in PSUs do not rotate(I know that they are good, because they rotate at startup), and the two 2.5" HDD above these PSUs report their current temperature are  54°C.

I've called DELL support, they told me that is normal, don't worry, but I don't like HDDs work at high temperature, here is my question:

1. anyone else find this problem?

2. is there any way I can force the PSU fan rotate?

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  • Hi Peter,

    Just to check on the power supply fan, is both of the power fan not spinning or only 1 of them?

    If it's one of them, it's a feature in the 12Gen. Page: 91



    Probably you can try turning amend the iDRAC > Themal setting to Maximum Air Exhaust Temperature, to see it helps on the temperature of the hard drives.


    Joey Chong

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