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killing iDrac GUI sessions from CLI


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killing iDrac GUI sessions from CLI

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Recently on two of my servers, an r710 and an r900, we've had one team member unable to log into the idrac web interface owing to no available sessions. If one logs into the CLI for idrac and runs "getssninfo", you can see it's maxed out with GUI logins from his desktop - sessions are apparently not terminating correctly.

Is there a way to kill unused sessions from the CLI like you can terminate them through the GUI?

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  • For R710 you can run following racadm command to kill sessions

    To close on session

          racadm closessn –i <session id>

    To close all open session

          racadm closessn -a


    For R900 there is no racadm command to close session. You can reset iDRAC using following racadm command to kill all sessions. Resetting RAC will not reboot the server only iDRAC will not be accessible for some time.

         racadm racreset



  • If you are using DTK then you can kill all the session using syscfg.

    command is syscfg --racreset.

    after giving the command you need to wait for some time.