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R610 BMC Firmware update from linux


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R610 BMC Firmware update from linux

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Hi fellows,

I need to update a few R610 servers, I'm interested on updating only the BMC Firmware if possible without shutting down the machines, is that possible? I'm running debian on these machines.

I'm opening this because I've been googling a lot this and I've found that may be there's several ways to update the server firmwares, including updating iDRAC completely, etc, but I'm only interested on getting the latest fixes for cooling so I imagine that should be only updating BMC.

Could please some point me in the right direction? I've been searching and I found some binaries in dell FTP, but I need to be sure of where to find the exact firmwares for my machines and what's the most common method to update this via linux.

Thanks fellows, I really appreciate the help.

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