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How to configure OME and iDRAC6/7


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How to configure OME and iDRAC6/7

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We have a Poweredge T310 and T320. The T310 has iDRAC6 Enterprise. The T320 iDRAC7 Express. I installed Open Manage Essesntials on the T320 and created an inventory. It finds all hardware in the network, but I don't find the iDRAC's.

Now i've been messing around with the iDRAC settings, so it's very well possible I screwed things up for OME. Read the OME manual and iDRAC manual, but I can't find information on how to setup OME and iDRAC for them to interact.

Is there a faq/paper/wiki explaining how to configure things to get is usable?


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  • Hello Simon

    It should use SNMP to discover the iDRACs. The IDRACs should default to SNMP enabled with a community name of public. Enable SNMP in OME and make sure the community names match and you should be good to go. Here is a whitepaper:


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  • DELL-Daniel My

    t should use SNMP to discover the iDRACs.

    Thanks! That did the trick for the iDRAC6 machine. The machine with iDRAC7 wasn't discovered yet - I'll check out the link you posted.