Easy Server Update Utility?? Not a 7 gigabyte download iso thing, is there not something more easy?


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Easy Server Update Utility?? Not a 7 gigabyte download iso thing, is there not something more easy?

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im looking to update our 3 R510 Servers.

New drivers, new firmware and stuff.

But can it be true i have to download a 7 GIGABYTE ISO and make a DVD and be physical at server location thats 9300 kilometers away from my location??? http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/04/DriverDetails/Product/poweredge-r510?driverId=9G3JT&osCode=WS8R2&fileId=3280313012&languageCode=en&categoryId=SM

Is there not a simple downloadable utility one can download on server via RDP, and install and run, that will look what updates are needed, and install them.. like pretty much all all other computer manufactures has?

Hoping for good news :)


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  • Dell Repository Manager. You can create a repository/SUU package just for your model server. 

  • ive installed.

    Ive made reposetory for my R510 server

    But i have to select all things i want to download..

    Why cant dell have a tool that tells you what version you have of something, and whats new you can download and install

    hummm im now DL some things, after download i have to go to folder and excexute each thing to see if it can install or not??

  • Hello Brown,

    You can use Lifecycle Controller tool to perform all updates. Lifecycle Controller can be launched by pressing F10 in Bios Post. This is an GUI application. Click on Platform Update --> Launch Platform Update. Select ftp server as source repository. In the next page provide ftp.dell.com as IP address source and click Next. In the next page you will see current firmware version and the latest available in ftp server. You can select which ever component you would like to update.


    Let me know how it goes.




  • With Repository Manager you get the system bundle for your R510, then export it to an SUU in an ISO format.  Burn that to a disk or mount it virtually, and the program that compares your server's firmware and driver versions to what is on the ISO will be included.  It will auto run when you insert the disk.

  • Yes, I create a repository that includes all the server models we have. I then export it to a SUU folder. I hit the folder through a UNC path, start SUU and it detects my system and all available updates for the system. I select which ones I want and click update, that simple. 

    The link I provided has quite a few videos and learning tools for RM.