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Server Administrator program will not open

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My customer has a Poweredge T300 that never had Openmanage SErver Administrator installed.  I download and installed version 7.3 from Dell's website for that specific server.  It installed fine but would cause the computer to lose all network connectivity until I upgraded the NIC's firmware and then that issue was resolved, but it will not open in any web browser (have tried MOzilla and IE) when using the server name, localhost, or the ip address with the default port number (which I did not change).  I get a message that the page cannot be displayed.  I have checked that all the services are installed and running, and the program seems to be functioning on some level, as it logs messages to Windows Event Viewer.  There is no firewall, no proxy server, and I have tried adding the address to the trusted zone.  I have uninstalled fully and reinstalled.  I ran Netstat and nothing else is using the port.  I have made sure Java is enabled and working in IE.  I need to make this work but I'm hitting a wall.  Any ideas?

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