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DRAC 5 can't login after firmware update


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DRAC 5 can't login after firmware update

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My DRAC 5 was running firmware 1.4x when I decided to update it to 1.65 via the web interface.

Update completed without any errors but afterwards it's as if the settings were reset.  It went back to the default ports, not custom ones I had set, and my login/password no longer works.

I also can't login with the default root/calvin credentials.

Is there another user/pass combination?


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  • Hi littleape

    After the firmware update, it will reset the DRAC 5. Theoretically, root/calvin should work.

    Have you updated the BMC as well, please do if you have not.

    If both BMC and DRAC are updated still fails to login, please try to reset default again from Ctrl + E. Reconfigure your IP if needed and try to login again.

    Let us know how it goes.

    Manfred W
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  • I was able to resolve the issue by getting KVM access to my server and updating DRAC configuration from the console via racadm.