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OME Warnings Help?


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OME Warnings Help?

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Looking for some input/assistance on dell Open Manager Essentials warnings for pretty much every single one of my systems.  The support documents for OME and OMSA leave a lot to be desired.

Fresh install of OME 1.2

Fresh install of OMSA 7.3 on all servers

All servers are running on blades in M1000e chassis

half of the servers are running ESXi 5.0 and the other half are running RHEL 6.4


My first question is how do I get OMSA or OME to stop reporting the non-certified disks as a warning?  The ssds being used were shipped with the servers from dell so why they show up as non-certified to begin with is jsut as odd.  Either way, getting OMSA or OME to recognize the drives as OK is the final goal. 

Second Question is regarding the RHEL servers.  In OME the RHEL servers are showing warnings for the actual server administrator agent (not the storage).  Logging into OMSA the only thing that is a warning is th storage use of non certified disks.  Any thoughts on why Server Administrator 7.3 would show up as a warning for the RHEL servers when the ESXi with 7.3 show up green an OK?

Third question is OME shows the warning symbol for our the actual VMWare ESXi agent.  We are running the most up to date version of ESXi 5.0 (have not upgraded to 5.1 yet).  Just need to know why the agent would report a Wanring for ESXi itself without a way to look at what the warning is.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • Phillip99,

    What are the blade models that this is happening on? Also, do you have any Windows units in this enclosure that are NOT doing this?

    Let me know what you find.

    Chris Hawk

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  • There are several blade models this is occuring on.  420s, 910s, & 820s.  We do not have any windows instances loaded directly on the blades, only ESXi and RHEL.