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Update iDRAC Firmware, LifceCycle Controller, Bios via Command Line


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Update iDRAC Firmware, LifceCycle Controller, Bios via Command Line

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Hi all,

My company currently have over 200 dell m610 servers. Now I need to update my DELL M610 servers to latest versions (iDRAC, LifceCycle, Bios) via command line. With dell m620 i used WSMAN command to update many server by creating script but m610 i couldn't because out of date versions: iDRAC, LC, Bios. If using RACADM I only update iDRAC firmeware not LC, Bios. Is there any way to update date all of them by command line?

Thanks so much. 

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  • Hi nampnx,

    What OS are you running? If you are using Windows or Red Hat you can use the update packages for those OSes and run them from command line. You can use the /s switch to run them silently without user intervention as part of a script.

    Here are the current updates:

    iDRAC remote access controller firmware 3.50, A00, released 3/29/13, URGENT, *May take 8-15 minutes to complete:

    Windows:,   downloads.dell.com/.../ESM_Firmware_C1GG0_WN32_3.50_A00.EXE

    Linux: downloads.dell.com/.../ESM_Firmware_C1GG0_LN32_3.50_A00.BIN

    Lifecycle Controller Firmware Update Version, A00 released 3/27/13, URGENT if at or  below

    Windows: downloads.dell.com/.../Lifecycle-Controller_Application_GFFFC_WN32_1.6.0.73_A00.EXE

    Red Hat: downloads.dell.com/.../Lifecycle-Controller_Application_GFFFC_LN_1.6.0.73_A00.BIN

    Bios 6.3.0 Firmware Update, released 8/16/12, Urgent if below 2.1.15

    Windows: downloads.dell.com/.../BIOS_J0GY0_WN32_6.3.0.EXE

    Red Hat: downloads.dell.com/.../BIOS_J0GY0_LN32_6.3.0.BIN


    Josh Craig

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  • Hi  DELL-Josh Cr,

    Thanks u so much but i knew this way. Becasue servres in my company are running for prouduction so i can't access through OS way. I want to find OUT-OF-BAND  way: iDrac or others. I don't have to access OS with out-of-band way.

    Do you have other ideas?

    Thanks so much !


  • There is not a way to update the BIOS or lifecycle controller out of band with a script on the M610. The updates also require a reboot, so if the servers are in production they cannot be updated without downtime.  The only out of band method is the lifecycle controller and that cannot be updated from within itself. So for updating that you would have to boot to a liveDVD image through the drac and update from there.  Here is the link to the latest liveDVD, you would then use the previously linked linux update packages. linux.dell.com/.../OMSA71-CentOS6-x86_64-LiveDVD.iso

    The idrac is the only thing that you can update out of band. What you would need to do is install the drac tools on a system, this will allow you to run racadm on remote systems. downloads.dell.com/.../OM-DRAC-Dell-Web-WIN-7.2.0-6945.exe

    Then extract the hard drive version of the firmware update so you can update with the .d6 file. downloads.dell.com/.../iDRAC6_3.50_A00.exe

    Then run racadm -r <ip address or hostname> -u <username> -p <password> fwupdate -p -u -d <path>

    This command could be put in a script with all of your idrac ip addresses so that you could update them all.


    Josh Craig

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  • Thanks  DELL-Josh Cr  so much :). I will try to do with ur way

  • So then, when is Dell going to step up to the plate and do what almost every other manufacturer does?

  • Something that happened during the application of SUU 7.3.0 recently caused this server to no-post. I'm getting a 0x5 post code and think that upgrading the BIOS is the appropriate next step for this server. I checked the iDrac6 (which is functional at this point) and found that bios version is 1.0.4 and iDrac is 1.95. Is there no way to update the BIOS if the server won't post?

  • I've run into this issue before in the past.  If you power down the system, remove the power cord for 2 min and then plug the cables back in the system should post.  If not you're most likely looking at a hardware issue and will require a Dell Tech onsite to replace the hardware.

  • Hi,

    I have DELL T420 servers. It has iDRAC7. How to upgrade firmware (1.5) from OME 1.2 server to remote system through RACADM method? I have some issue with wsman method.


    I current using a remote server (Note OME server) with racadm installed on it to upgrade firmware for my servers.

    iDRAC7  CLI (racadm) supports upgrade firmware (BIOS, Firmware iDRAC, LC) via "update" option.

    On remote server (i am using CentOS) , you can do below steps:

    1. Install remote racadm CLI.

    2. Config a NFS server contains firmware file (DUP (.EXE) file)

    3. Using this command to upgrade: 

    racadm -r "IP" -u "user console"-p "password"update -f "firmware file.exe" -l NFS_server:/folder


    racadm -r -u root-p abc update -f lifecycle_m620_1.3.0.850.exe -l

    (data folder is NFS folder contains firmware file: lifecycle_m620_1.3.0.850.exe)

    You can try it :)


  • Hi Folks,

    Can someone let me know how to check LCC version for DELL R420 server through command line.


  • Hi Nampnx,

    I tried to reset the DRAC using remote RACADM and that is working properly but fwupdate throws error.


    C:\Program Files\Dell\SysMgt\rac5>racadm -r -u root -p passw0rd rac

    reset soft

    Security Alert: Certificate is invalid - Name on Certificate is invalid or does

    not match site name

    Continuing execution. Use -S option for racadm to stop execution on certificate-

    related errors.

    RAC reset operation initiated successfully. It may take a few

    minutes for the RAC to come online again.



    C:\Program Files\Dell\SysMgt\rac5>racadm  -r -s -u Administrator -p

    passw0rd fwupdate -g -u -a -d C:\ome\FW 1.51.51\ESM_Firmware_JGG1X


    ERROR: Unable to connect to RAC at specified IP address.


    Not sure why is it not able to communicate during firmware upgrade whereas it can connect to reboot the DRAC.

  • Thanks Ashish,

    I am doing testing based on this white paper. It explain with each and every step. But it is for to upgrade firmware version 1.30 to 1.31 (in page3 they mentioned the batch files will work only for 1.30 to 1.31). I have 2 questions. What is the batch file to upgrade 1.4 to 1.5. In future, if we get 1.6 what change do I need do at batch file?

    Note: the system update method is not working for me. Because at present my server (idrac) is not showing under non-Complaint system. It is showing green. Please explain batch file method.




    "fwupdate" option using ftp server to get firmware file. I used by setup one FTP server and put firmware file in root directory of ftp server.

    Example: In the root directory on ftp server I put: "firmimg.d7". You must not change file name unless idrac can't find firmware file. Allways is "firmimg.d7"

    Then, using command: racadm fwupdate -g -u -a "FTP server" or u can use remote command on remote server.

  • Hi,

    I have installed firmware for iDRAC7 via RACADM method. The steps are below. - iDRAC7 IP - firmware file location (windows machine)

    Install iDRAC msi to local desktop

    1. Go to C:\Program Files\Dell\SysMgt\rac5>
    2. Then type, “racadm -r -u root -p passw0rd update -f ESM_Firmware_F5F8N_WN32_1.40.40_A00.exe
    3.  -u administrator -p passw0rd@1 -l //”
    4. We can view this job status in Windows server or iDRAC web page. But we can see via putty.
    5. The putty session will be inactive after sometime and iDRAC ping will disconnect for 10 seconds.
    6. Login to iDRAC via browser. Now it will shows the latest firmware.



  • Hi DELL Team,

    Do you have any method to install iDRAC6 firmware via RACADM -r method. The DELL document saying we need TFTP server. Without TFTP  server can we from local server path? same like above (iDRAC7) post?