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I have a PowerEdge 1850 server which uses Drac 4. When I click on the Power section on the iDRAC I am unable to click a radio button to reboot, power off or power cycle. It looks greyed out. I can connect to the console fine. I am using the default username and password and the account is still set up as an administrator. Is there a setting that I can pick to to allow me to choose a restart option again. I have a few other Drac 4 servers that do not have this issue.



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  • What are the DRAC firmware versions?

  • Firmware Version 1.75 (Build 06.03). I have never updated the firmware according to the System Summary.

  • Anyone have any ideas? I feel like there is a permission setting somewhere. I have a different Poweredge 1850and DRAC 4 that doesn't have the power options blanked out.

  • You are trying to do a "graceful" shutdown/reboot of the server?  Do you have OMSA installed in the OS?  What OS are you running?  OMSA installs drivers for the DRAC when installed, so if you don't have OMSA installed, it is possible that it cannot speak correctly with the OS to initiate a graceful shutdown.

  • Sorry, I got held up on your first post which made it sound like only the one option was grayed out.  So NONE of the power options are available?  Your DRAC firmware seems to be up to date.  What is your BIOS and ESM firmware at?  If up to date, then you might try reseating the DRAC card, and/or doing a full reset of the card.

  • Operating System Shutdown and Server Control Action are not clickable titles. Substitute the + with a checkbox and - with radio buttons. I should be allowed to pick one of the four Server Control Action items but the interface won't let me. I can't select any options on this interface. I have an Apply button at the bottom of the screen that is greyed out and I can't select it.


    Operating System Shutdown

           +Shutdown Operating System First

    Server Control Action

          -Reboot System

          -Power Cycle System

          -Power Off System

          -Power On System




    OS is Windows Server 2008 R2. When you said OMSA you mean Open Manage? I have Open Manage installed and i see the iDRAC under Remote Access. BIOS is at A06 10/03/2006 and firmware is at 1.72.00. I'm just trying to shutdown the server remotely on the interface safely so yes graceful shutdown.


    Let me know if you need more information.

  • Hello,

    Did you ever find a solution? I just ran to the samething on a PE2850 server running CentOS 5.x where none of the options can be selected and are greyed out:




  • No solution. I think when I have to time to drive to where my server is at I will try resetting the iDRAC card.


    The buttons were greyed out on another server and I restarted the server to be able to choose the buttons again.


    That’s all I got.