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How can I update BIOS on R210 via USB stick


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How can I update BIOS on R210 via USB stick

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Hello I need help. I have a server PowerEdge R210 Dell first generation. This server without an operating system. I want to update the BIOS from 1.3.4 to the latest version. I do not want to install the OS, but I want to update the BIOS. Is it possible via USB stick or CD / DVD drive?

Regards, Roman.

Sorry for my English.
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  • Hello Roman

    You can use Lifecycle Controller which can be accessed by pressing F10 key during system boot. This is a GUI based interface. Traverse to Platform Update --> Launch Platform Update link to perform BIOS update. You can copy the BIOS DUP to USB key and attach to the server. Select USB key as source location and proceed with the update.

    Let me know if you have any concerns.



  • For those that might run into this on other model systems, the Platform Update function is only available on systems that have an iDrac express or Enterprise. The systems with BMC only do not have the option to do a platform update.

  • I'm having problems with this is there a guide somewhere for BMC only R210 2 servers?





  • You can download the Platform Update Guide from below location




  • Geoff, what problems are you having? Any error meassages?

  • I created a bootable USB key but there appears to be no way to set the server to boot from a USB device? The problem has really been caused by the fact that the server is currently running version 1.3.1 which cannot be updated online! I think from 1.3.4 it's an online update.

    This is a basic server so the F10 at boot option does not include BIOS update functions.


  • First attach the USB key to the system. then Go into the F2 screen, go down to Boot Settings, then go down to hard disk drive sequence, and set the USB to be first. Also go into the USB flash drive emulation type and be sure it is set to Auto. This should allow you to auto boot into the USB key. 

    If that still doesn't work and you do have an optical drive, you can use repository manager to create a bootable iso to burn to a cd/dvd, and boot from that. Below is a video on how to create the iso. The first link is for information about repository manager, the seconds link is for downloading repository manager and the 3rd link is for the video.

  • Rey,

    Thanks for you input. In the end used this site to make a bootable USB stick which worked. BIOS successully updated.