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RAIDCFG.EXE Virtual Disk Name


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RAIDCFG.EXE Virtual Disk Name

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I've read through the RAIDCFG section of the DTK CLI Ref Guide and could not find any info on being able to name the virtual disk created using RAIDCFG.  Has anyone run into this before and maybe discovered an undocumented feature?  I've tried manually configuring VDs and naming them and then capturing the config but the resulting config file did not contain any info on the VD Names.  Consequently when replicating using that config file, the VD Names become the default names (Virtual Disk #).


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  • I can confirm that the reference guide is correct.  You may be able to use omstorage from the command line to rename it:

    omconfig storage vdisk action=rename controller=1 vdisk=4 name=vd4

    Let us know if this works for you. 

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  • Thanks for the response.  I forgot to mention that I am doing all the preconfiguration under WinPE. I'm not sure if I can use omconfig under this OS environment.  It would have been nice if the name parameter is in raidcfg.exe.

  • For future reference, if this is an LSI adapter and you're willing to go off the reservation, you can use LSI's megacli tool to rename the RAID after creating it in the far user-friendlier raidcfg:

    MegaCli -LDSetProp -Name {name} -L{VDnum} -a{AdapterNum}

  • Hi,

    The feature to name the virtual disk was intorduced in DTK4.2. The command is:

    raidcfg -vd -vd=<virtualDiskID> -ac=svdn -vdn=<vdname> -c=<controllerid>

    You can use raidcfg -h to get the help for the same.

    Link to DTK4.2 CLI guide is: