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Virtual Console Login failed


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Virtual Console Login failed

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PE R410 with iDRAC6 Enterprise.

I use Firefox under Windows Vista. When I click "Launch Virtual Console", a pop-up window asks me what should Firefox do with a JNLP file. If I choose open it with Java Web Start, an error message "Splash: recv failed" appears. So I choose save the JNLP file then create a Windows shortcut with

"C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\javaws.exe" "-Xnosplash" "D:\Temp\Rconsole\saved.jnlp"

When I click that shortcut, a window with message "Connecting to Virtual Console Server" appears, then another window "Login failed, possibly due to slow network connection. Please try again".

The above method works with Sun's ILOM console redirection (also a JNLP file to be downloaded/opened by Java Web Start). The difference is that Sun's version can ask for username/password while Dell's one not. Does Dell's iDRAC6 Video Viewer have the askpass function?

I tried with Windows IE9. However, the Video Viewer opened from IE9 doesn't allow keyboard input. Click on  'Tools - Session Options" fails to open the option window (nothing happens after the click) -- result of IE9 uses Active X not Java?

I also tried with Firefox under RHEL6/x86, that one works perfectly.

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  • Configure    Video Encryption Enabled = No   for the iDrac . Fixed my issue

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  • The ActiveX vs. Java selection is done inside the DRAC.  Usually problems like that have to do with the security in the browser.  If you make the DRAC a trusted site and set it to allow anything related to Java or ActiveX, that will probably fix it.

  • Configure    Video Encryption Enabled = No   for the iDrac . Fixed my issue

  • explained here with all the sptes