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iDRAC on shared NIC, no web internface?


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iDRAC on shared NIC, no web internface?

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We have an old PE 1950, I don't know which version of iDRAC. During boot, entering ROM via "Ctrl-E", was able to setup static IP in Shared NIC setup.

iDRAC IP was pingable from my laptop, but unable to reached port 80 or 443, timing out.

The 1950 is running Windows 2008 R2, on the server can't ping iDRAC IP with error "Destination host unreachable." iDRAC IP was not listed in ipconfig.

Is host OS required any configuration? Maybe not all iDRAC come with web interface?




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  • Use ipmi shell to communicate with the BMC.

    A manual is here 

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  • The 1950 doesn't have an iDRAC. It's either the BMC or DRAC 5 for this system.

  • Does either DMC or DRAC 5 have the same web interface as iDRAC 6? How do I tell which one I have?

  • The DRAC 5  has the familiar web interface.  If you have OpenManage Server Administrator installed, it will have a Remote Access section under System ... or you will have a CTRL-D prompt for the DRAC during POST.

  • I assume OpenManage Server Administrator is installed on host OS (Windows 2008 R2 in my case), does it mean that if host OS crashes or shut down, the web interface will be offline?

    What does Ctrl-D do? I remember there was Ctrl-E.

  • Also I have a spare iDRAC Express from R510, I guess it won't install on 1950, correct?

  • OMSA is installed on the host OS (including 2008R2), and yes, if the OS is offline, so is OMSA.  Hence, the beauty of the DRAC ... regardless of the OS state (but as long as it is plugged in), you can always access the server as if you were standing right at the console (with some added bonuses).

    CTRL-D configures the DRAC, CTRL-E configures the BMC.

    And, no ... your iDRAC from your R510 will not work on a 1950.

  • Thanks!

    What I need now is to power on the server in case of crash, so host install OMSA is probably not what I need for now. I guess BMC doesn't have built in web interface like iDRAC does, is there some software can be installed on my laptop to remote control the 1950? Kinda remember seeing it when I was going through document for iDRAC6.

  • Might need someone with more experience with BMC and IPMI to comment, but you may be able to do some remote procedures using the BMC, but it would all be command line or third-party command line substitutes, as the BMC itself does not have a GUI.

  • Use ipmi shell to communicate with the BMC.

    A manual is here 

  • Thanks, I will look into it.

  • IPMI Shell in the BMC Utility is the tool I'm looking for, thanks!