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DRAC 4/p on poweregde 860 server / reset password


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DRAC 4/p on poweregde 860 server / reset password

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I just bought DRAC 4/p from ebay and installed it on a DELL PE860, so far I can access the webpage but don't know the login/password and root/calvin did not work.

I tried typing racadm racresetcfg on cmd gives me error below.  

A remote access controller (RAC) must be present on the managed server

Appropriate managed node software must be installed and running on the server 

But  racadm -r xxx.xx.xx.xx -i works and prompt me a password.

Please help

Thank you



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  • To use the racadm command you need to have the RAC component from the Server Administrator software installed.  You can skip the other parts of Server Administrator through a custom install but based on the fact that you can run the racadm -r ... command to connect remotely suggests you've installed the RAC utility provided with the IT Assistant management station (or the RAC utility if its Linux) which would block the Server Administrator installation from loading this correctly.

    In order to function correctly you will need to remove the Management Station version of the RAC software before installing the Server Administrator piece.  Then the commands you've mentioned will work as expected.  Also, you can reset the password from the DRAC BIOS (CTRL-D) during POST if you're physically present although this would require you to restart the server and wouldn't correct the racadm problem.

    For the root account you would only need to use this command to set the password;
    racadm config -g cfgUserAdmin -o cfgUserAdminPassword -i 1 newpassword

    And of course if the network settings aren't correct ;
    racadm setniccfg -s   ip.add.re.ss   sub.net.ma.sk    ga.te.w.ay 
    racadm setniccfg -d            (for DHCP)

    And then reset the card with;
    racadm racreset           (be sure to wait at least 45 seconds for the reset to finish)