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beeps and scrolling no control of mouse because sreen keeps rolling if i move the mouse. pls help

  • i CAN'T CONTROLL MY MOUSE, AND THE SCREEN WILL NOT LET ME POINT THE NOUSE ON ANY THING . THE SCREEN JUST KEEPS MOVING UP AND DOWN.. AND EVERYTIME IT MOVES I GET A SYSTEM BEEP. if i try to click on a message box all the suggestion just roll steadily! This is so frustrating. could it have something to do with my graphics card? I can't seem to get into anything
  • This is not the correct forum for this question and we won't be able to help you.  This forum is meant for discussion of the OpenManage Network Management software.

    Sorry for not being able to help.  Here is a jump point for all the different forums, please post your question to the appropriate forum to receive help.