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ULNM - Power Source Shutoff not working


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ULNM - Power Source Shutoff not working

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I have a Dell Rackmount UPS with 3 servers connected using a Network Management Card. I have been configuring each of the servers using ULNM.

The current configuration has the servers wait 30 seconds before starting the shutdown sequence whenever the power is lost. I haven't been able to figure out how to force the UPS to shutoff the power and turn it back on in order to bring the servers back up after the power has returned. On the UPS Management Card itself I configured the UPS to shutdown after a delay (Long enough for servers to fully shutdown) and restart if capacity exceeds 30%.  I assumed that this setting (under Shutdown Parameters) was referring to the actual power output?

I tested my configuration last weekend by pulling the plug on the ups.  The servers were immediately notified and after the 30 second delay they all began to shutdown.  After all 3 servers were powered off I plugged the UPS back in.  However the power output was never cycled off and on so the servers remained off. I have verified and all 3 servers are set to turn on when power is supplied (in BIOS).

I also have MUMC installed on a client computer.  When viewing the 3 servers through this interface they all show that "Power Source Shutoff" is enabled.

It is my goal that whenever there is a power outage longer than my set delay (currently 30 seconds) the servers will gracefully shutdown and then power back on when power is restored (or battery capacity reaches a set threshold). 

Does anyone have any insight into configuring this?

David Smith

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