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Idrac6 problems


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Idrac6 problems

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I'm apparently not the first one struggling whith IDRAC 6....

- I'm more than often denied login with the default root/calvin credentials. While logging from another computer works. . I can log in to 4 servers and then the fifth login will repeatidly fail from my comuter until, say, the next day.

- Virtual Console connection quality is very poor, when available.

On one the servers I upgraded from 1.8 to 1.85, just to be denied to logon into afterward (Restarded my browser, tried another browser bla bla bla). Again logging from another computer worked.

So there is apparently no improvement in that field.

Please someone post the working conditions of that beast (Browser version, Java Version, Silverlight Version and whatever other piece of sotware).

Sorry for the rant. I had to.




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  • Lolix,

    It sounds like the issue may be residing with Java. Lets try something else. Access the Idrac 6 web interface and then select Virtual Console, then select Console Configuration settings. From that page go to the bottom of the page and then in the drop down select NATIVE instead of Java. (will need to us IE to connect for Native)

    Restart and see if that fixes the issues in stability you are having.

    Let me know how it goes.

    Chris Hawk

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  • Also sounds like the console sessions are remaining open. When you are done with a session, do you logout or just close the browser?

  • Clearing the local browser cache solved the "logon denied" problem. (BTW, login is not really denied. After clicking "submit", the screen flickers and then an empty logon page is displayed again, without any message).

    So now I connect to servers in "private" browsing.

  • Note the connection reliability of the virtual console, either JAVA or ActiveX is VERY poor. The question is not answered.

    Can we upgrade to idrac 7 ?

  • To improve the virtual connection quality, try to set the Network Speed to 100 Mb (no Auto Negotiation) - if your network enviroments permits it

    I have noticed significant benefits locking the speed at 100 Mb... for example the session doesn't drop anymore