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iDRAC6 enterprise root password


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iDRAC6 enterprise root password

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Hello Everyone,

My problem is that calvin no longer works with root at the beginning. For the server at the office were I'm based I changed the password directly on the console, but for the remote offices this is not really a solution.

Any idea if the default password for root was changed with this DRAC version?

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  • The default password for the iDRAC 6 is still the same, no changes were made to that. If the root password has been changed somehow resetting the iDRAC to factory defauilts should restore it back to calvin.

    Here are the commands to reset the DRAC. The first command resets it to factory.  The second command sets the IP address (the parameters are IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway).  The third command reboots the DRAC to read the new address.  The forth command tests to see if the DRAC has completed the reboot.  Wait about a minute and run the last one.

    racadm racresetcfg

    racadm setniccfg -s

    racadm racreset

    racadm getsysinfo

    Before running the above commands you will need to have the full install of Open Manage installed or have the DRAC tools installed (linked below) on the server.

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  • Do you have to have console access to the server or can this be done remotely if you have IP access to the server?  I can get to the logon page but the password does not work.

  • Also this server runs Check Point Secure Platform so loading anything to the OS can not happen.